Service Industry

With the large growth of businesses entering the service sector, management systems are becoming a major focus. From providing back-office business support, information technology outsourcing and customer relations programs, the service industry fits well into the constructs of the ISO standards.

Intercert, as part of the QMS Global Group, as well as IMS has extensive experience working with thousands of service companies around the world. Our experience helps our clients interpret the standards as they apply to a service company and our auditors and training staff understand the issues that service providers face everyday.

Intercert and IMS can help small, medium and large service organizations utilize the best standard(s) for their company. The QMS Global Group has a significant worldwide client base in the service industry including clients in the logistics, IT, healthcare, finance, business support, legal, laboratory and engineering. Your service company likely is in one of these categories and Intercert and IMS can provide you the certification solution best suited for your business:

Hospitality Services
Catering, hotels, tourism, entertainment, radio, television, leisure

Telecommunications, postal, data

Transportation and Logistics
Airports and airlines, road, rail, and sea transport

Health Services
Medical staff/doctors, hospitals, ambulances, medical laboratories dentists, opticians

Electrical, mechanical, vehicles, heating systems, air conditioning, buildings, computers

Cleaning, waste management, water supply, grounds maintenance, electricity, gas and energy supply, fire, police, public services

Marketing, packaging

Banking, insurance, pensions, property services, accounting

Architects, surveying, legal, law enforcement, security, engineering, project management, quality management, consultancy, training, and education

Personnel, computing, office services

Consultancy, photography, test laboratories

Contracting, inventory management and distribution

Research, development, studies, decision aids

Standards of value to the Service industries include:

…along with sector specific standards for service organizations operating in particular markets